Question from YumeriaYumi

Where can I find Mother's Momento?

You know the one to do one of the secret mission's?

Accepted Answer

rldelancy answered:

I found you could do it sooner actually. After you first go into the desert, you can leave immediately and return to Mantaic. Sleep in the in twice, due to the first time you usually get Judith's arte first.
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Soulavenger69 answered:

After you get Ba'ul, you need to rest at the Inn in Mantaic. It won't be the first event that happens though, so keep paying until you get it. And this must be done BEFORE you get to Myorzo, anytime after and it'll be too late.
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Ace_Infinity answered:

Estelle gives it to you during the story. Check your inventory before your fight with her and it should be in there. If you have not reached the part where she talks about giving it away because she doesn't need it anymore then you are not far enough yet.
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