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How do i do mystic and unison artes?

I have no idea how i'm supposed to be able to do these please explain

thank you in advanced

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Capensis answered:

Unfortunately, there is no unison attack in ToV. But, to be able to do a mystic arte, you must have Lvl. 3 Over Limit or over (which you get from synthesizing) and the skill Special which you get from some weapons, the only one I can think of is Psychidelica for Rita. Karol and Repede can get theirs from sidequests. To perform a mystic arte, with the Special skill on, you must hold B when performing an arcane or burst arte. Hope this helps. :D
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LuciferTown answered:

Also, some information on how to get to a Level 3+ Over Limit. It all depends on what directional pad button you press. So make sure you use up at least 3 Over Limit bars before attempting the method to use the Mystic Arte. Using an altered arte can also be used in substitution for an arcane arte. Arcane and above!

I know in my experience--because I failed to read the tutorial/battle data--using just the arte while in Over Limit was not enough information in how to execute a Mystic Arte. I hope this along with the above answer helped.
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Demal0789 answered:

So to condense all that.

1. Work up to a lvl. 3 or lvl. 4 overlimit. Press left on the D-pad for lvl 3, up for lvl 4. (Requires Limit Trio and Limit Quartet respectively from synthesis.)
2. While in overlimit, activate an arcane, altered, or burst (which required an arcane), and while you are performing said arte, hold down B.
3. Once the arte finishes, and if you're holding down B, you should see your character perform the Mystic Arte.

Something else I noticed about Mystic Artes compared to Burst Artes.. It seems your arcane or above arte needs to connect in order for holding down B to initiate the Mystic Arte, so make it something simple and easy enough for you to find the B button in time.
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shadowleeSP answered:

OK, you can't do unison. (that is going to be in the PS3 version of the game.)

1. Learn the "Special" Skill.
2. Once you learn it and unequip the weapon. MAKE SURE THE "SPECIAL" SKILL IS GREEN!!!! NOT WHITE!
3. (Im going to use Yuri, and controls are on regular, B is Attack.) Go to battle and use your Over Limit 3 or 4.
4. Use a Arcane or Altered Art (Shining Dragon Swarm) Make sure it hits, then imediatly Hold the B(attack button.)
5. AND BOOM!! you got yourself a mystic sandwich!!!
(This also works for learning atered arts with different skills.)
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podimanjr answered:

Its really been answered; however your arcane, altered, or burst arte's last blow must hit. if it misses you cannot activate mystic artes
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