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How long does it take for day to turn into night?

trying to get a bird type to appear in Tolbyccia Forest Area...

Rune_Caster provided additional details:

Hm I've tried spending the night at the inn nearby, I used 3 mats, wandered back into the Eastern Plains of Toibyccia it became night, went back into Eastern Toibyccia it returned to normal gloomy rain but it wasn't night...


lsoph answered:

Well, to turn day into night, you just have to sleep somewhere at an inn or by using a tent. But if you're using a mat, you'll have to use it a couple of time more, because a mat isn't as effective. Use a tent or an inn.
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lsoph answered:

I know it's been six days. i haven't been online for awhile, but if you still need an answer then alright. try using a tent or an inn AGAIN or however many times it takes. mats changes the weather sometimes, so that's not very efficient.

i've already beat the game and done every possible sidequest i could where some, i needed to change day to night and vise versa. and using tents and inns work. sometimes it just takes more than one try.
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Elec_Man_EXE answered:

Where are you at in the story? I believe weather / time are more or less scripted to the area until you reach Part III of the story.
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SmartAlek93 answered:

From what I've seen, day and night change absolutely at random in the Vesperia universe.
Wander around a bit, sleep at some inns, use a mat/tent/barrier, it should change.
If not, then it may be part of the plot for it to be day/night, some scenes are just like that.
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ridjenite answered:

Some areas, for some unknown reason, have no night, such as Weccea.
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