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Asked: 5 years ago

What is the best Strategy for finding the Vesperia game guide In a store or online store?

(Online price being under $80) Preferably $20, the retail price

I've looked everywhere and cannot find this damn book! Amazon, ebay, Borders, Barnes&Noble, Best Buy, Hastings ect. the cheapest price I've found so far is $80... used! That's way to much money.

P.S. I don't care for fan written walkthroughs for games like this. I kind of want this book... Any tips to help me find it?

Additional details - 5 years ago

Checked some of the FAQs. they're not completed...

Accepted Answer

From: AmandaKimmel 5 years ago

The three I mentioned should be plenty to get through the game (jesterguy, KADFC, and drachemeister). There's also Kouli's sidequest guide:

Ignore the blue text, that's for the PS3 remake. He still covers everything for both versions on there.

For items and such, the BradyGames book doesn't do a very good job - we have a Collector's book guide, a Monster guide, and two Skill FAQs (one is merely a list of skills, effects, and how to get them; the other is detailed tremendously well and has much more than that). You'd have to use multiple FAQs to get everything, but 1) it's free and 2) it's a lot more reliable than the BradyGames guide, which misses some items and also presents wrong information.

You don't need to use all of the FAQs, but we have plenty that are completed. Kouli's is the best for sidequests, though KADFC and jesterguy (maybe drache, too, don't know her FAQ as well) do a good job as well. You may have to look at multiple sources for completionism, but, hey, it's better than having wrong information.

FYI: The thing that's the most confusing to get and will require multiple sources is Judith's best spear, Brionac. Good luck getting that thing.

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Um, the guide is worse than a "fan-made" project and isn't even worth $5. All of the FAQs here are far better than it - you wouldn't believe how bad the strategy guide is. It misses some important details, doesn't cover many sidequests, and even gets some information wrong. I highly suspect that whoever did it rushed through the game and didn't really care for it.

To answer your question: You shouldn't want that book. Just use one of the FAQs here. Every one of them does a better job than someone who didn't even try to 100% the game. KADFC, Jesterguy, and drachemeister all have spent hours upon hours on this game - each of their FAQs is 500 times better than the BradyGames guide... and they're all free.

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