Question from Nilakantha

Asked: 6 years ago

How do I solve (vault password)?

I was wondering what is the password to the vault in the ruined city? Thank you.

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From: pwnr227 6 years ago

simple, what is a a bright sphere in the sky? what is it called? what do we orbit around? 3 letter word starting with an S, ending with an N, and having a U in the middle, can you guess what it is?

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"Sun" in Japanese

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do that and you have your password. BTW tapiluck it's not sun in japanese, why would they force people who don't know japanese to go through that?

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you gathered your 3 clues from the building, "Light", "Sky", "Sphere". Sky... Sphere... Gives light... The answer is simply "Sun" (without the quotes, of course).

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Like the answers above, it's sun.

@pwner227: I imagine since tapiluck's answer was BEFORE the US release date that he meant in the Japanese version the answer is sun, and not type the Japanese for 'sun'.

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What produces "light", is in the "sky", and is a "sphere". it is the sun.

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You must find at least ONE clue out of the THREE lying within the ruins, which will enable you to "guess" the password at the console beside the vault. Input SUN and you will have access to your boss battle

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The answer is sun.

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