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Tales of Vesperia gives us exactly what this gen needed. A finally all around amazing game.Calamity10/10
Does nothing particularly mind-blowing, but succeeds in all the right places.JC522369/10
A worthy installment in the Tales franchise and an excellent game in its own right.Lutecia9/10
I'm sad to report that Tales of Vesperia's a very bland RPG with extremely irritating characters and a terrible storylinenintendosega5/10
I think this might be the Tales series's last dying breath.The_Heap2/10
Tales is growing up? Almostace523877/10
Tales of DespairiaAllidoisreview6/10
A Remarkable Addition to the Tales SeriesBrandonTheSith10/10
If this is what the next-gen consoles have in store for the Tales series, then keep the games coming.Computerbug89/10
What we've come to expect from the Tales series, and JRPGs as a whole.Flare_Dragon1237/10
Tales of AddictionGunarm Dyne9/10
The sign of victory!Jerec9/10
The reason why I bought the Xbox 360.Kashell Triumph9/10
Tales of Vesperia is a worthy successor to the Tales of SeriesKayos909/10
One outstanding game in the short list of quality JRPGs on the 360LegatoBluesommers9/10
A legendary tale.Malorkus10/10
An engaging experience that no Tales fans should miss!Metamania9/10
Tales of Vesperia - One of the best JRPGs out there!NettoSaito10/10
Vesperia-A step forwardPlumpDaddy20089/10
Like action? Like fun? Buy this game.Sui898/10
A great game that gets dragged down by little flaws.thecrobar8/10
Japanese RPGs might not be dead after all.UltimaterializerX10/10
Second Star to the Right, and straight on towards AWESOME!Unbridled99/10
Welcome to Terca Lumieres; the Zenith of the Tales UniverseVermanubi_s9/10

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