• Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    Arsenal (10)Upgrade all units to level 3 in a single online match
    Atlantis Rising (10)Complete the Atlantis Rising campaign
    Deep 6 (20)Get 200 depth charge kills
    Dive Master (10)Get 100 kills
    Frenzy (30)Complete each chapter on the Ultra difficulty setting
    Humanity’s Hope (10)Complete the Hope of Humanity campaign
    Hydropwnage (20)Win an online Conquest match by taking all of the control points (get a shutout)
    Life Aquatic (15)Upgrade all units, all races to level 3
    Lord of the Deep (35)Get 10,000 kills
    Navy of One (10)Take over 100 control points
    Nemo’s Wrath (10)Complete the Nemo’s Wrath campaign
    Swim Pals (20)Complete each chapter in co-op mode

    Contributed By: Guard Master.