Question from kspangler70

Asked: 5 years ago

Why does my game keep freezing and crashing?

Keeps happening in the same place. During the big sister battle in fontaine futuristics. Anyone know why????

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The game is freezing for alot of people right now. A patch is in the works, or so I hear.

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Never froze on me and I'm nearing the end of my second playthrough. Maybe your system is close to RROD.

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Ive had it freeze on me only when i played on multyplayer but not in the story and iv beaten it 4 times now.

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Yeah mine never froze on single player, but the multiplayer freezes alot, heard they are working on a patch for it

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I had mine freeze while fighting two alpha series on the way back to the docking bay. I had an audio diary playing, shooting fire, shooting my machine gun, trying to research, and fighting a houdini.

I think too much stuff happened at one time.

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Mine is freezing as well. I thought it was an imperfection on the disc. Disc looks like it has a part that is clearer??? sorry I was going to say it looked milky but it's not that bad looking even hard to see the spot that's different. but it's there I thought that was it. I hope it's just an issue they can patch.

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I have had the game freeze on me at least 4 times in single player and at least 3 times in multi. i have also been disconnected from host more times than i dare to count

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Are you playing the PC version? Its freezes and crashes a lot. The only time I've had mine crash is Online. (Ps using Xbox version)

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Dude, it did that in the siren alley like four times in a row for me. Really pis*ed me off because I don't usually save until I'm done playing so I had to keep redoing stuff. I would just, if you have enough Hard Drive space, install BS2. I did that and did an earlier save and it didnt do it again. So I would try installing it. That clears up a lot of issues with games from my experience.

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