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Asked: 4 years ago

I can't find the little sisters?

I'm in the area of the diner and Sinclair's Tenements, there is three little sister encounters I believe. I did the first no problem and the next two I have killed the big daddy's but they didn't have little sisters. Have I glitched the game or do they reside somewhere special?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Yes I'm pretty sure I saved her, I've gone back through the entire level and I can't find any sisters or daddy's.


Additional details - 4 years ago

My friend had told me that any little sisters not collected will move to the next area, so I'm going to see if this works.

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Did you harvest or save the first sister beforehand? Otherwise you cannot pick the other ones and they disaapear. They come back with a new daddy though

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They show up on the map, check it first
you also may need to progress more

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You need to reload your save and follow the Big Daddies to a vent and they will get a little sister out of it.

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If you pause the game, not pull up the map, it will show you how many little sisters are in that level, saved or with a big daddy. If the image shows a little sister with a big daddy, you have another to save and if it is just a little sister then you have saved her. However, I think the area you are talking about only has one.

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Just wander around for a while until you hear or see a big daddy and you will. follow them to a vent if they don't already have a little sister. wait until they have the little one on the ground and then go at it

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Some areas you have to go through before you get to the Little Sisters. For instance, when you get to the area where Gil is located, you only have had a chance to save 1 sister. As soon as you start to one of the areas for the item you need to grab, you see the next sister. Once you get to the next area you find the last sister there. Just don't worry, you'll find them. just wander around a bit.

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The Aurelian has it correct. I just encountered the same thing. There are some Big Daddies who do not yet have little sisters and all they need to do is walk to a vent (it's programmed that they will make their way to a vent) and then get a Little Sister. You can then kill the Big Daddy as you normally would and get your Little Sisters.

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If you find a big daddy with no little sisterand are missing some just follow it and when they get to a vent wait for the little sister to fully come out and get on the ground then kill the big daddy

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