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Asked: 4 years ago

Has anyone else completely lost their saved game(s)? (xbox 360)

I save around 7 different files for each play through in case I want to go back to a specific point and re-do something. I was playing in the living room one day and got about 4 hours of play in (saving over all previous saves from the day before). I then moved the same xbox 360 into my room and went to continue my game and it only had all my previous saves. My 4 hours of game play was gone. Sadly, this happened to me on a different xbox 360 for Bioshock, and I'm wondering if anyone else has run into the same issue...

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I can't say that I have experienced this in my play through as of yet, but I do not have more than 2 saves, my progress and the autosave.

Has this occurred more than once with Bioshock 2 or just the one time? If it is just the one time, it is likely a glitch. If it has happened more than once than it is likely a hard drive or disc issue.

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I had 3 different save files to be safe while i was playing hard mode. and then they were just gone. Most frustrating time ever in my experience of this game. (I was in Persephone!!!)

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