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How do hack the computer?

In the beginning of the game i am stuck on hacking the computer. I cant figure it out.


TikiTantrum answered:

You have to match two random sequences of characters (I'll call codes for simplicity).

Move the two codes with the sticks -- right code with right stick, left with left. Look over the screen of changing characters for the ones that don't change. Figure out what the full code is and move the matching code on top and press A.

I usually just look for the first, or last, few letters of the non-changing characters. It is a little quicker that way.
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Dark_Nature answered:

Hm at the beginning the time is very low. There is a trick. If the Time is running out, just press the B button, you will have another try... ;)
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Sirynn answered:

Yea if times an issue choose sabotage as a main skill. the skill right before the final skill in the list will give you a longer total time and extend the time before they move. Also there are two armor modifiers that help in the same way.
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GeNoBrEaKeR9000 answered:

its fairly simple.
1.look at whole screen
2.look for the code that DOESN'T move
3.match it with one of the codes at top

thats all there is to it if you have more problems look in your pause menu and look and the trainning thing.
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