• Unlock Castle Gates Two-Player Dueling Pack

    Go to "Rewards" in the menu (in there you will see "Badges" and "Credits" along with how many Crests you have found) and with your D-pad enter: RRDDLRLRLR then Start. You will receive a message saying you have unlocked it.

    Contributed By: caffeinevoices.

  • Unlock Everything

    Go to the Rewards sub-menu from the Main Menu, where you see the two choices, Badges and Credits. Using the d-pad, enter the following code to unlock Everything: Down,Left,Left,Left,Left,Left, Down,Down,Right,Down,Left

    Contributed By: KageLunatic.


  • Hogwarts Crest Unlockables

    Collecting so many crests around Hogwarts will unlock certain single and multi player things.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    113 Hogwarts CrestsTwo Player Dueling Pack 4: Paved Courtyard Dueling Arena
    129 Hogwarts CrestsMore mini-crests with each cast
    14 Hogwarts CrestsTwo Player Dueling Pack 2: Training Ground Dueling Arena
    21 Hogwarts CrestsDungbombs in prank boxes around Hogwarts
    29 Hogwarts CrestsTwo Player Dueling Pack 2: Crabbe & Goyle
    3 Hogwarts CrestsTwo Player Dueling Pack 1: Draco & Luna
    38 Hogwarts CrestsScore boost in flying events
    48 Hogwarts CrestsExploding Cauldrons in prank boxes around Hogwarts
    59 Hogwarts CrestsTwo Player Dueling Pack 4: The Transfiguration Dueling Arena
    71 Hogwarts CrestsEven More health in duels
    8 Hogwarts CrestsMore health in duels
    84 Hogwarts CrestsTwo Player Dueling Pack 5: Ginny & Hermione
    98 Hogwarts CrestsLove Potion in Potions Club

    Contributed By: OmegaMustard.


  • Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    Adventure completed (100)Conclude the adventure
    Burrow Defender (20)Successfully protected The Burrow
    Combo Flyer Badge (10)Earn the Combo Flyer Badge
    Crest Collector 1 (10)Complete Crest Collector Level 1
    Crest Collector 10 (30)Complete Crest Collector Level 10
    Crest Collector 11 (30)Complete Crest Collector Level 11
    Crest Collector 12 (40)Complete Crest Collector Level 12
    Crest Collector 13 (50)Complete Crest Collector Level 13
    Crest Collector 14 (60)Complete Crest Collector Level 14
    Crest Collector 2 (10)Complete Crest Collector Level 2
    Crest Collector 3 (10)Complete Crest Collector Level 3
    Crest Collector 4 (10)Complete Crest Collector Level 4
    Crest Collector 5 (20)Complete Crest Collector Level 5
    Crest Collector 6 (20)Complete Crest Collector Level 6
    Crest Collector 7 (20)Complete Crest Collector Level 7
    Crest Collector 8 (20)Complete Crest Collector Level 8
    Crest Collector 9 (30)Complete Crest Collector Level 9
    Duelling Beginner (10)Earn the Duelling Beginner's Luck Badge
    Duelling Champion (10)Earn the Duelling Club Champion Badge
    Duelling Veteran (20)Earn the Duelling Veteran Badge
    Escaped the Cave (40)Escaped the Cave
    Good Deed (20)Help the student retrieve her stolen Gobstone
    Great Mate (20)Help Ron avoid Lavender
    Great Party (10)Create a great Christmas party for Slughorn
    Grime Buster (10)Clean up after Fred and George at The Burrow
    Hidden the Book (20)Hide the Half-Blood Prince's Potions Book
    Keen Flyer Badge (20)Earn the Keen Flyer Badge
    Master Duellist Badge (50)Earn the Master Duellist Badge
    Master of Flying (50)Earn the Master of Flying Badge
    Master Potioneer (50)Earn the Master Potioneer Badge
    Mystery Solved (20)Retrieved Slughorn's missing memory
    Portrait Novice (10)Use your first portrait shortcut
    Portrait Pro (20)Use all of the portrait shortcuts
    Potions Beginner (10)Earn the Potions Beginner's Luck Badge
    Potions Club Star (10)Earn the Potions Club Star Badge
    Potions Club Veteran (20)Earn the Potions Club Veteran Badge
    Precision Flyer Badge (10)Earn the Precision Flyer Badge
    Quidditch Beginner (10)Earn the Quidditch Beginner's Luck Badge
    Quidditch Captain (10)Assemble the Gryffindor Quidditch Team
    Quidditch Champion (30)Won the Quidditch Cup
    Reflex Badge (10)Earn the Reflex Badge
    Speedy Brewer Badge (10)Earn the Speedy Brewer Badge
    Used the Pensieve (10)View Dumbledore's first memory of Tom Riddle in the Pensieve

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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