Question from ginge316

Where is The Hermit?

I'm trying to find The Hermit in the meadow but i can't find it help

rusted_metal asked for clarification:

Is the hermit in the gold gate with like a big water tower thing next to it do you know if so how do you open the gate


silverfox77 answered:

I am trying to remember exactly where it was..... There is a smaller waterfall that looks similar to the one you go into to find the leopard. I flew past it all kinds thinking that it was that same waterfall and that I was supposed to be over by the big waterfall at the end of the valley. The entrance isn't really hidden you can see the door. Hope this helps!
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rusted_metal answered:

where the big wooden log is that you push down to walk across there is a little pathway at left hand side with a door at the bottom you open door and go throught it then you come to another river with a cave in front of you next to that cave there are vines which you can climb up go up them and to your right you got marks on the wall which means you can run across so yuo run across and jump onto a ledge then in fron of you is another jump on there then on the right hand side are them marks again you run across there and jump onto the path on the left hand side you then go up to a tree trunk push it over then vines appear the brown vines snap when you stay on them for so long you climb up them then on the right is some green ones WATCH OUT FOR THE WIND ! you drop down of the last bit of green vines on to a ledge when you get on the ledge dnt jump to one opposite you will fall of cos' of the wind jump down to the far left which is across the blockage and wind you then fight alot of skeletons becareful this bit gets a bit tricky after that the hermit comes to you and gives you grief the little dragon fly that hand round with you then pinches a key of him which opens the gate back the other side

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