Question from Suicuned

What is the best strategy for a wild card pinata?

PLZ I need help I dont know how to get Wild Card!

Suicuned provided additional details:

Dude I am already singed to that page and it hasnt helped much!

BRANTLY_75 asked for clarification:

Sorry about the link. I usually don't do that.

If the last post doesn't work then I'll continue to search for a more explanatory answer.

Accepted Answer

BRANTLY_75 answered:

You have to have seven of the same pinata in your garden, then get two to mate. You have to get all the hearts and do it in a quick enough time.

If you do that, then you'll get a wildcard. Maybe even two from twins!
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BRANTLY_75 answered:

This should help you a lot.
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