Question from jhjbbrassfield

What is tis"rare pinata in a crate"?

I herd if you go to gardener level 196 or something,you get a rare pinata in a crate.What is it?A galagoogoo,a jeli,a sarsgorilla.


666overlord666 answered:

I think its just a random famous pinata that u need to go on live to get, if u want a jeli, catch it in pinarctic and if u want sarsgorilla have 20 pinometres of long grass and have 3 monkeynut trees in the garden and have a baby bonboon in the garden aswell
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reklaw_vahn answered:

You won't get a "RARE" crate until you receive all 841 awards in the game. Then you will get a notice from Leafos that tells you congratulations. As long as you are playing on Xbox Live, a RARE employee by the name of BIGsheep will send you a famous pinata in a few days. The pinata is typically a wildcard Tigermisu with a special RARE tag.
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tylerman621 answered:

It,s a dragen
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