Question from teameffigy1

How do I get past infered sensors on Opera level?

I am having trouble sneaking past the first sensor in the 'sneak to backstage' area. Is there a way to disable these red cameras -- or do I truely have to sneak by them??


DaleJB answered:

You can do both. For the first camera look left into the shadows just below the camera and you should see a small yellow box on the wall. Just go to the box and press the X button (if on the Xbox) to disable the camera.
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greenthunder130 answered:

Every camera can be disabled, where you'll find an orange power box near the camera. Also, make sure no bodies of enemies are seen in the beams for future levels. Of course, you can choose not to avoid them, in which case you will be attacked by elite guards (not an unlimited amount though).
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beerman213 answered:

Get out of range from the first camra just to where you can see it and once it turns away from the power box is run to the space by the camra to it before it turns back
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Evilhen88 answered:

There will be a box on the wall near it go to it and Press X and that will disable the camera
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jwr64 answered:

Shoot the camera and then you can go past it
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