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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find information about?

is there anywhere in the game where i can find out how many cell phones I have found and how many left to find?

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In the game when you pause the game play it shows you different slots for messages or photos and what not that are on the cellphones you pick up. The first slot is the objective of the level (after the mission starts you get this) and all the other spots are cell phone pick ups. So if a level has 6 slots and you see only the first one that means you have zero cell phones in that level. If you have say only the first and last slots full you have the mission objective and the last cell phone in the level. When you pick cellphones up: play till you get to a check point so you wont have to go back and get it again. I don't think you have to but it's best to be sure.

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Yes...Pause the game and simplay pull left trigger until it displays a screen that should have contents like this-
1.Mission Briefing
2.This would be the literal first phone in that level
3.Then so on.
4.Maybe the level has only three phones

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You can only do it whilst you've paused it ingame you can't do it from the menu

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