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Asked: 5 years ago

Where are the satellites located on Siena?

I have only found five of the satellites and idk where the other two could be. I really want this achievement someone help

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From: Baller_Vegas 5 years ago

1.As soon as the mission begins, clear the area and then look up to the building on the left and on top is the first Sat dish.

2.As soon as you enter the roof area courtyard with the steps there is a dish here. It's just after you have gone through the woman's house.

3.In the same courtyard, climb the steps and turn to your left and you'll see another dish.

4 & 5.From the top of the stairs if you have a scoped weapon you can see two more dishes in the distance - you can get these now or as you get closer by progressing onwards.

6.As soon as you have jumped onto the tiled roof and then auto jumped to the other side. There is a dish on the rooftops on your right. It's quite hard to spot unless you move forward a little.

7.As soon as you enter the market area in front of the church (before jumping on the yellow coach roof). To your left is the last Dish.

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