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Need help with moon of mahaa-kalaa?

I know how to cancel out or avert an attack but how do i counter it after the attack is canceled...i am trying to get the achievements that involve countering with this accessory .(Touch and it will hurt,and Touch and it will really hurt).


shi_kiseichu answered:

During the enemy atack phase if you notice a rose that appears above bayonetta's head that is when you push the LS forward towards the enemy. It will automatically do a counter.
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Gazelam1832 answered:

Okay, this is a matter of timing. If you simply push forward when the enemy attacks, you will just parry and knock the enemy away; however, if you press forward at the last (and I mean last) possible moment, Bayonetta should parry then counter by cutting through the enemy. Think of bat time when you dodge just after getting hit as oppossed to dodging before, it's just timing. The hardest part is trying to time them three times in a row for the achievement.
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