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What the purpose of Eternal Testimony ?

It only recharges 2 little orbs. Seems really useless to me. Only use i can see is being able to activate WT for a split second in combo with witch braclet? Anyone have any ideas?

Hear-No-Evil provided additional details:

Sorry and when i say witch braclet i mean the Bracelet of Time


UlalaSC5 answered:

It recharges two orbs any time you run out. It's not much, but it's a boost towards a torture combo. You could also use it for unlimited Crow Within attacks.
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Douweeh answered:

It's also a great way to get the achievement when riding the rocket in chapter 14, since it basically gives you infinite missiles.
Just any of the accessories that rely on magic work a lot smoother with it equipped beside it.

One could argue that you don't need Eternal Testimony to make the best of them, but then again you can beat the entire game without using accessories, they're just ways of enhancing play.
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