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Getting Past the Temporal Witch Power Door . . ?

In Chapter two, after the skirmish with Jeanne and Dear & Decorations, you enter a hallway . . . and after picking up the journal "An Unknown Metal Wall" you are confronted with a metal witch door.

After bashing it you are told, "Perhaps if I were to unleash some temporal witch power on it, my situation would suddenly improve."

Took me entirely too long to figure this one out . . ?

Accepted Answer

From: bchasko 5 years ago

If you turn back and run to the entrance, you will find the statues of the crystal Witch & Sage.

Press X to activate the statues and run back to the door while the countdown is still going.

Once you get back to the door, press X again to stop the countdown and use RT to dodge the light beam and start witch time.

Unleash a full combo on the door and it should scatter and allow you to pass through.

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