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Asked: 4 years ago

Wicked Weave with a dodge offset?

What's an offset?

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It's the term used for starting a combo with a Wicked Weave in it (like PKP, PPKKK, etc.) and dodging in the combo while holding punch or kick. The result is you start your combo, dodge, and can finish up in a new, hopefully safer position.

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If you've unlocked the breakdance move, you might want to turn it off by going into the special moves list from the Back button menu (its in one of the books).

I just find it easier to pull off Offsets since u don't have to worry about releasing the right trigger.

as for doing an offset, ill explain with the punch, kick, punch combo.

Punch, [hold] kick, RT imediatly after hitting kick (not at the same time tho because it won't work then), Punch.

their kinda cool cos you can follow up a dodge with a wicked weave.

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in response to saber: its even better when you DO to break an air combo, hit the ground and follow with a ww that knocks the enemy back into the air : )

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