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Answered Questions

Technical Help status answers
Not sure about the cheats? Answered 1
Why wont it give me the achievment? Answered 3
Other Help status answers
"Practice Mode"? Answered 2
After Burner achievement help? Answered 1
Anyone ever use those telephones cheats? Answered 1
Beat the game in 3 hours?? Answered 1
Buying weapons? Answered 2
Can I beat the game on one save? Answered 1
Can Jeanne activate Witch Time? Answered 1
Can the 100 chapters span difficulties? Answered 1
Change button configuration? Answered 1
Do outfit effect cutscenese and gameover/continue screen? Answered 1
Do you keep all of your umbran tears if u start a new game? Answered 1
Does the prologue count as a chapter when you'te trying to beat 100 chapters????? Answered 1
Finding treasures? Answered 1
Funny killing move? Answered 1
How do i carry over wepons into new game? Answered 2
How do you do the achievemrnt of freeze 20 enemies with odetta? Answered 1
How long does it take to load the leaderboards? Answered 1
How long? Answered 1
How to Drop Angel Arms? Answered 1
How to get all the LP???? Answered 3
How to get millions of halos in a short period of time? Answered 2
How to get Treasure Fanatic achievement? Answered 2
If you use the telephone cheats can you still get achievements? Answered 2
Is my life bar glitching? Why does it go back to deafualt ? Answered 3
is there a New Game+? Answered 1
New Character carryovers? Answered 1
Techniques mess up. How do I fix it? Answered 1
The Codes Do Not Work For Me, Help? Answered 2
Those telephone cheats....? Answered 1
What about the Alfhiem when I am playing the same save game? Answered 1
What do skulls mean on the results screen? Answered 2
What is the killgore durgra glitch? Answered 2
What is the meaning of the text displayed in japanese when doing combos with Sai-Fung? Answered 3
What makes Bayonetta the best action game? Answered 1
Where can i purchase platinum ticket to fight against father rodin?? Answered 5
Where is the LP Hidden in Chapter 6 ???? Answered 1
Why are all enemies in my game clear orange? Answered 1
Why did I start with the Immortal Marionette? Answered 1

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