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100 chapters for Nunchucks, one game only? 2
Allocation? 1
Anyone have tips for Crow 77? 2
Crow? 1
Does using the alternate method of unlocking weapons effect achievements at all? 1
Help with the angel arms!? 1
How can i purchase a new item in hell gate? 2
How can i unlock the first rodin's treashure for janne? 1
How do I unlock the angel arms? 1
How do I unlock the Super Mirror? 1
How do you equip 3 accessories? 1
How To Unlock These Several Items?(sorry for my gramatical error) 1
Missing Antonio's Notes? 1
Need help with moon of mahaa-kalaa? 2
Phone Cheat. Am I forgetting something? 2
Pillow talk and Bazillions unlocking? 1
What is the item between Umbran Elegance #5 and Super Mirror? 1
What the purpose of Eternal Testimony ? 2
Where can I find all of the pieces to the Messiah HWV.56 LP? 5
Where can I find Antonio's Files? 2
Where can I find the last 3 Angelic Hymn LPs? 1
Where R All The WItch Tomes???? And How Do u Get the last few Pieces for the Second bottom LP?? 1
.Where are the last two hearts? 2
About the costumes? 3
Accesories help? 1
Can i unlock sai-fon by just playing 100 of the same chapter? 1
Crows with umbran tears? 2
Do the telephone cheats disable achievements? 1
How can I obtain more halos? 1
How can I unlock the Eternal Testimony accessory? 1
How do I equip the Kuldeshera(sp?) treasure? 2
How do I get Umbran Elegance #4? 3
How do you unlock jeanne's white costume? 1
How I can use the ingredients to make items? 1
How to use Gaze of Dispair? 2
I got the LP, but still can't buy the whip...? Why? 2
Missing second weapon? 1
Need help with the durga weapon? 1
Odetta help? 1
Once you beat/give up to Rodin, can you buy the Plat. ticket again? 1
Sai fung? 1
What do Alt. weapons do? 1
What do I need to get Kilgore? 1
What is the difference between witch heart and blue heart ? 1
What is the effect of the climax brace ? 3
What? 100 times? 1
When unlocking Jeanne, what grades matter? 1
Where can i find a spoiler free Gold LP Guide? 1
Where can I find Shuraba (Katana)? 1
Where can I find the inmortal marionette? 1
Where's the best place to practice with the Mahaa-Khala? 1

Other Help Answers
Pure Platinum Score (Normal Mode) ? 0
Advantages to alternate characters? 2
Alfheim missions replayed? 1
Alfheim portal just not there....? 2
Bridge over large gap verse7? 1
Can you play as two different charchters on the same file? 1
Difficulty? 1
Do chapters competed with Climax Bracelet equipped count towards 100 for unlocking Sai Fung? 1
Dragons head chapter 15? 1
Game Progress Review? 1
How do u know how many chapters towards your 100 you have beaten? 1
How do you purshase all techniques? 1
How do you switch the dirga between fire and lightning? 1
How do you unlock all the accesories in the gates of hell? 1
How is Zero different from Bayonetta? 1
Is Bayonetta ever going to do Playboy? 6
Little Zero? 1
Ride the train for a goofy noise! What the hell? 1
The "Serious" Costume, or long haired look? 1
When ur trying to beat 100 chapters??? 1
Where are the lost chapters?!?! 2
Where can I find a cast list? 1
Where Can I find the telephones? 2
why does Health bar lengthens and shortens all the time? 1
Wicked Weave with a dodge offset? 3
"Practice Mode"? 2
After Burner achievement help? 1
Anyone ever use those telephones cheats? 1
Beat the game in 3 hours?? 1
Buying weapons? 2
Can I beat the game on one save? 1
Can Jeanne activate Witch Time? 1
Can the 100 chapters span difficulties? 1
Change button configuration? 1
Do outfit effect cutscenese and gameover/continue screen? 1
Do you keep all of your umbran tears if u start a new game? 1
Does the prologue count as a chapter when you'te trying to beat 100 chapters????? 1
Finding treasures? 1
Funny killing move? 1
How do i carry over wepons into new game? 2
How do you do the achievemrnt of freeze 20 enemies with odetta? 1
How do you get into the lost chapters? 1
How long does it take to load the leaderboards? 1
How long? 1
How to Drop Angel Arms? 1
How to get all the LP???? 3
How to get millions of halos in a short period of time? 2
How to get Treasure Fanatic achievement? 2
If you use the telephone cheats can you still get achievements? 2
Is my life bar glitching? Why does it go back to deafualt ? 3
is there a New Game+? 1
New Character carryovers? 1
Techniques mess up. How do I fix it? 1
The Codes Do Not Work For Me, Help? 2
Those telephone cheats....? 1
What about the Alfhiem when I am playing the same save game? 1
What do skulls mean on the results screen? 2
What is the killgore durgra glitch? 2
What is the meaning of the text displayed in japanese when doing combos with Sai-Fung? 3
What makes Bayonetta the best action game? 1
Where can i purchase platinum ticket to fight against father rodin?? 5
Where is the LP Hidden in Chapter 6 ???? 1
Why are all enemies in my game clear orange? 1
Why did I start with the Immortal Marionette? 1

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