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Asked: 6 years ago

Building the keep ?

How do i build the keep? And also how do i turn crystals to gems?

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From: Pretty_Nate 6 years ago

You have to build a keep workshop, that's what gives you the options to build the parts of the keep.. and for the gems thing, you have to have a witch's hut, which is available to build after you make a guild hall. just follow the flow chart in the blueprint screen and you'll be fine

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The keep is a blueprint you get later in the game. You have to build the witch's hut to turn crystals into gems

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The keep is available to build after you build the "Keep Workshop." The workshop unlocks the "Keep", "Gatehouse", and "Armory".

The "Witch's Hut" is what turns crystals into gems.

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Well to me it looks like you need gems to build the guild hall. That is where people keep getting stuck cause you run around with all these crystals and nothing to do with them.

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You can build the Keep using the Keep Workshop. Just add the extra parts to the Town Hall, create either an Armoury or a Gatehouse and connect it to the Keep using Keep Walls to complete it.

You should build the Witch's Hut to change Crystals into Magic Gems.

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