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Secret mining and harvesting points?

I have the official guide, and was rereading it. The section on mining and harvesting said that there are "secret" locations to mine/harvest that DON'T appear on the map... Is this true, and if it is could someone make a list of their locations?

vieralover99 provided additional details:

Just played some more, and found my first hidden point! Its a mining point on Aeos right behind where recipe memo 29 was located (after 1st phantom battle). just press the A (or X for PS3) button along the wall in the nearby alcove to find it.


Demonic_Essence answered:

It true there are hidden harvest/mining points but the only ones i have been able to find are on EN II
that board kinda tells you were some are..

I use to have maps but i cant seem to locate them, lol
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Demonic_Essence answered:

That Faq should have all yo want to know, lol
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chrcol answered:

sadly the FAQS were for the 360 which are not 100% for the PS3.

One that I know is different and is vital for farming blue roses is the ENII secret harvesting point near the rubble, on the PS3 that is gone, but fear not it is moved not removed, its now at the base of a tree trunk north of the boss area.
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Dede4786 answered:

I found a hidden harvest point on Lemuris in the forest right next to the lost cat you're asked to find.
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