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Bonus Board?

Does anyone know how the bonuses you get are determined?

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NYJasty answered:


The bonus board clears upon loading the game.
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NYJasty answered:

There are 14 Spots on the bonus board.

You can have 1 crystal in each spot.

there are 4 colors of crystals

Red - Obtained by killing an enemy with skills only
Each red restores 1% on HP and MP after battle

Blue - Obtained by Killing an enemy with a critical hit.
Each Blue grants 10% more EXP after battle

Yellow - Obtained by Killing more than one enemy at once.
Each yellow grants 10% more FOL after battle

Green - Obtained by getting ambushed
Each Green grants 1 Party SP after battle.

When you receive a critical hit, your bonus board breaks.
When this happens all crystals that are not touching a crystal of the same color are removed, however if the crystals are grouped in the same color, you will only loose half of that group.

See the text only portion of the battle simulator in game for a more visual representation of Breaking Bonus Boards
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