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So do you have to play the other star oceans games to understand this one?

Just wondering


GenRob answered:

No, this is a prequel so it can be enjoyed completely by itself.
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YumeriaYumi answered:

You don't "need" to but doing so will just make you have a better understanding of the saga cause there are many small connections you see from stuff said. One thing i took note(this is not a spoiler) of is that the area you fight the final boss is simalar to the area you fight the final boss in SO3...i was like...oh it look like that:P lol. But as said above it is not required. To play SO3 you don't need to play SO1 or SO2 but the first and second have a big connection....:)
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kihosho answered:

Wow, are you guys serious, you gone make the guy think he missing something, listen you don't need to play any of the star ocean before, and it is not a prequel, its its own game, from so1 to so4, all games have their own story, own ending, yeah they give small indications of past games, but nothing to make you feel like you missing out, if you decide to play the ealier version, do it for enjoyment, starocean is like final fantasy, no connections to its ealier games. And if you don't believe me, play it the games yourself, and you will be disappointed to see no connections, cuz I played them all, and still own them
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TorisKuntar answered:

The major connection is that it is the same universe and timelines. Last Hope occurs decades before the majority of First Departure. Some of the characters from first departure either have appearences or ancestors in Last Hope. The earliest connection is Commander Kenny, who is probably an ancestor of playable characters in first departure and second evolution. So if you want to understand absolutely everything and play four amazing games, go ahead, but if you just want to play four, play four.
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Vahn777 answered:

There are many connections to past is the first game in the timeline but playing the other games and seeing how the story comes together gives you a complete appreciation for the series.
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seph_101 answered:

Each story is different and is it's own, so no you don't have to beat the others to understand this one.
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Sunrie answered:

To get the absolute most out of the game, you should know the others in the series. However, you don't need to know anything about the series to understand this one.

As a matter of fact, if you play this one first, then the other games in order (starting at SO1), you'll see things that would have been not understood otherwise in those games
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memoru answered:

lol, no you don't have to play the other 3(4 really) games to understand this one. yes there are small connections, because they are all in the same universe and all tell a story of that universe(and there is actually a direct sequel to one as well). it is NOT like final fantasy where everything is a new dimension.

but no, they aren't linked DIRECTLY. mostly indirectly and unimportant. take it from someone who has played all the games so far(star ocean, star ocean second story, til the end of time, blue sphere, and now last hope). hope that clears it up for you. :)
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