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How do I beat The Wandering Swordsmen in the Colosseum?

Detailed information? Hmm Lets see, lvl 120 on all four characters Edge, Reimi, Sarah, Arumat. Others are 90ish. Best gear can have atm. Most life on top four characters is 50,000+ and I can't beat him still getting two shoted for 15,000 to 30,000 a hit.

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stoneyc answered:

Control Reimi and keep your distance. Since it only takes him 1-2 hits to kill you, ignore the risks and use Berserk. Stay away and spam long-range special moves...if he gets close, run away. If you're trying to get Edge's last battle trophy (Defeat wandering swordsman within 5 min), I'd suggest BEAT:B, Lv 10 Berserk, & spamming Rush Combos (preferably Edge + Arumat will team up for the rush combo and deal massive damage). I'd suggest synthing some ultimate bombs to a random weapon, then synthing the random weapon to the weapon you want to use....allowing you have HP Damage + 140% (35% x 4) without the stat penalties that you'd get from synthing the ultimate bombs directly to your main weapon. For accessories, I'd suggest synthing some Slayer's Bangles together....each one adds a chance of scoring an extra hit each time you if you do a 3 hit combo and each hit does 4000 damage, you have 3 chances of doing an extra 2000 damage (the extra hit does 50% of the damage of your normal hit). Paired with Berserk, and some Critical % boosts, you can more than triple your damage output.
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