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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find Tasty mushrooms ?

im looking for tasty mushrooms not tasty mushrooms? im trying to make love potions but my method of gaining them is taking to long. Is there a quick method for gaining them? and were can i find them. Btw i have already landed on Nox so my ship is pretty out of the way.

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You can find them on Lemuris, outside Woodley. You have to walk south until there's no more snow, and until you see mushroom monsters. They drop both type of Tasty mushrooms. The harvesting points near there also provide both tasty mushrooms. You can use the transporter they set up outside the Calnus near the save point to transport to Lemuris.

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Also giant fungus and man-eating trees both drop them and semi often with reimi's botony skill

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I needed a lot of them to make the love potion #256 as well. Best way is to have have Reimi in your party with her botany skill to level 10. Fight for enemy drops against Giant Fungus, and Man Eating Trees in the Van Elm Region (Silent Forest Area) on Lemuris. The trick I did was after every fight and harvesting the whole area, use Meracle's Ocarina skill to respawn enemies in that area. Rinse, Recycle, Repeat!

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Is there anywhere u can get Tasty Mushrooms when your on Roak? I need them for the love potion

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