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Asked: 5 years ago

Is there any meaning for Disc 3?

As I saw the walkthrough, there was no information involving the third disc. what is it all about anyway?

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Which walkthrough? None of the gamefaqs ones have been updated to the point that they contain any of the content from the third disc.

But having played the game, I assure you that there is definitely use for disc 3. I forget when the switchover is, but you need disc 3 for all content on EN II as well as Nox Obscurus.

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switch over is your first real visit to EN-II

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Disk 3 contains all the EnII visit, as well as the final planet *avoiding spoilers here*, the final dungeon, and both of the post-game secret dungeons. Plus there is the 45 minute long end-game custcene too....

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