Question from slaveofthegame

Asked: 5 years ago

Getting destroyed in the Seven Stars Cave?

I just beat the main story and gained access to the bonus dungeon, but the first monster I fought (bats) absolutely demolished me. I was using Edge, Reimi, Arumat and Sarah, all at about level 70.

Any tips?

Accepted Answer

From: JacK__DanielS 5 years ago

My tip to you would be to make a couple +% XP equips and level down there. Just take it one step at a time. I got through the 7 * at about 100 and Gabe absolutely destroyed me. Farming Metal Scumbags on floor 7 with Meracles Ocarina skill is great. Oyakodon (prob misspelled) and Curry Rice will give +% XP. Search the boards for IC/syntheses guide. It helps.

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