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The Clutch: can you accelerate faster by using it manually?

I can't figure it out and I'm dumb with cars.

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Spankbat, thank you for the information

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SpankyBat answered:

If you have a race wheel with an analogue clutch, you can you it to help balance the amount of power going down. Think of it as an extra way of controlling your throttle.

This won't make you go faster, but it will make it easier to stop excessive wheel spin and the rear (in a rwd) from flying out.

The fastest way is not to use your clutch but to be more accurate with your throttle. For the fastest driving, you should never lift off the throttle once you start putting it down, so that means making sure you don't just put foot and go. Same applies with steering. Turn in once, starting to turn slowly, increasing lock as you release break. Once through the apex, begin applying throttle as you return the steering to centre.

As an aside, I don't actually know if the game implements it or not, because I don't bother using the clutch, but if you you the clutch through a corner, you should be decreasing the total amount of grip you have available. This is why seamless shift is so crucial in F1 because it means they can change gears through corners without a drastic loss of grip when the clutch disengages.
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ychanus answered:

Manual clutch won't enhance performance, and you will actually shift slower, but it is here for realism.
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