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How do you do a TIME TRIAL???

Anyone please help, I just can't find an option anywhere for the time trials, I found the leaderboard for them but can't find the option to do them anywhere!! Please help??

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CiaraJansonFan answered:

That's not what he means. He means the 23 Time Trials that are available from the leaderboard lobby. This is taken from part of the link Midnight_DUBMAN's posted on the Forza 3 board:

"Complete a time trial.

To attain this achievement, make your way over to the Leaderboards section of the Main Menu, select Time Trial, choose any course at all, and complete one lap."
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mrwaffle answered:

At the start of the game, choose free play instead of the career, and then you can choose to do hot laps.

You can also set up hotlaps via a multiplayer private lobby.
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