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Asked: 4 years ago

What cars are the best cars for each car class?

like the best F Class car the best E Class car and so on?

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From: FRI0003 4 years ago

F RANK Ford Focus
E RANK Audi Sport Quattro
C RANK Toyota Supra RZ
B RANK Dodge Challenger SRT8
A RANK Chevy Corvette Z06
S RANK Bugatti Veyron
R3 RANK #5 Ford Performance Racing FG Falcon
R2 RANK #50 Corvette Racing C5.R
R1 RANK #7 Team Bentley Speed 8

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Look at the top of the leaderboards, what ever is top is usually the best car, the Audi S5 seems to be a good choice for for A class.

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FRI0003 seems wrong at two points.
I think The best C class is the lotus exige cup 06. Mainly because its superlight and very upgradable (Quick upgrade said I could go up to R2 8O)
Best R1 is obviously the last peugot in the list.
And X class would be the peugot mentioned earlier :P
Other than that he seems right at all other points.

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The Audi Sport Quattro is a D CLASS car, not an E.

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and the best F class is the lotus elise

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