Question from lolo9090

Asked: 5 years ago

.How do i install disc 2?

My game has 2 discs.Its says i have to install the 2nd disc to get full game but when i play disc 2 it says insert disc 1.What do i do?

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From: revolver_solid 5 years ago

Put disc 1 in. load it up and it should ask you if you want to install disc 2, say yes and put the 2nd disc in. It will install it on the hard drive if you have any room.

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Firstly once your Xbox 360 boots up insert disc 1, it then should ask you if you want to insert the install disc (disc 2) to install the extra cars and tracks to your hard drive if you have one. After the install is complete it will ask to to remove disc 2 and insert disc 1 to play.

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100% Correct !

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