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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find the level 3 weapons?

I want to know where the level 3 weapons are located and maybe some level 2 weapons.

Accepted Answer

From: neeker 5 years ago

Level 3 Pistol: Delta M1911 (silenced)
Found in: Florida - Mangano's Compound, 2nd Floor.

Level 3 Shotgun: Schofield Semi-Auto
Found in: Global Storage Chop Shop - this is the warehouse that belonged to Mangano originally, which you need to lower a drawbridge to reach.

Level 3 Magnum: .501 Magnum Enforcer
Found in: Cuba, at the Lighthouse near the Battaglia Quarry Chop Shop.

Level 3 Rifle: Vintovka SR-98
Found in: Cuba, Almeida Compound, 2nd Floor.

Level 3 Automatic: Modified AK-47
Found in: Cuba, Battaglia Masonry, Underground Tunnels.

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I found some of the level 3 weapons in the compounds so that kinda sucked but take a good look around the rackets. They are hidden around there somewere.

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I found the level 3 Magnum in a chop shop racket in Cuba the one on the water. Sorry if thats far of i beet the game in 2 days woulda beat it in one had my dad not said "Youve played enough now get off."

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or you can buy the guide like I did or you can search for my topic on here.

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The lv.3 magnum is in cuba by the lighthouse near one of the wharehouses you take over. The lv.3 pistol is in florida in the family in blue compound.

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Just cuz its in a compound doesnt mean its unattainable if you missed it before blowing it up. compounds rebuild, and you can go back

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