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Better Safecrackers?

I'm trying to get the achievement for cracking all safes in the game and it appears I've hit a brick wall when trying to crack some safes, my safecracker won't crack it (I'm supposing it's because he's not skilled enough). Is it possible to find a better safecracker, and if so, where?

kel92vader asked for clarification:

No i don't think but wich safe is it?


awesomeClaw answered:

They do not crack it sometimes when you press, And did you press X after you sent him there, Then that is the problem.
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herokid123 answered:

Well all safe crackers r the same if they don't work just press x near the safe then press b to let him open it and u should just get a expert gun license dude and promote to have a safe cracker move
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Corruption_Vash answered:

ANY safecracker can crack ANY safe. The AI's a bit dumb, though, so that's probably your problem. Keep attempting to have him crack the safe. Sometimes, your crew tends to wander around whenever you order them to do something, so keep that in mind as well. Remember, you have to press B while your cursor is over the target in order to send your safecracker (or anybody else that has a special action) to have it done.
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clippers1624 answered:

Go into the room and (if necessary) remove someone from your crew. Even if you already have a safecracker in your crew, add another crew member who is a safecracker, then tell him to crack the safe
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