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Can you play rock band 2 on the rock band 1 band kit?

I have rock band on xbox 360 but i need to know if you can play rock band 2 with the rock band kit

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Kany0n answered:

Yes you can.
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aemilyl24 answered:

Yes, you can play rock band 2 on either the kit that came with RB1 or with the kit that came with RB2
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bassg17 answered:

Yes i play the rock band 2 with the rock band 1 band kit and it works great for me and i have gold star a song while playing bass with the rock band 1 guitar.
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Micko888 answered:

Yes you can. I use all rb1 instruments.
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KaiRyusaki answered:

Rock Band 2, AND Rock band 1, and assumingly any Rock band game made for Xbox360 (ACDC, etc) works with any Rock Band instruments. I personally play Rock Band 2 with my Rock Band 1 instruments.
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VIP_Time answered:

I'll add in, yes you can.
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gambit444 answered:

Yes you can.
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donalds5 answered:

Yes you can dude, also gh: wt band paraphenilia works too
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MMZ answered:

Rock Band 2 can be played with any of the following:

Rock Band 2 kit (Drums, Guitar, & Mic)
Rock Band 1 kit (Drum, Guitar, & Mic)
Guitar Hero World Tour kit (Drums, Guitar, & Mic)
Guitar Hero 3 Wireless guitar
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jlosak answered:

You can use it for all future versions of Rock Band
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avarice124 answered:

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BigRedNY answered:

Yes. It is compatible withe Rock Band 1, Rock Band 2, and Guitar hero World Tour Kits.
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gobuffalo30 answered:

Yes, why would you not be able to?
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