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Asked: 5 years ago

Why won't my songs work?

I downloaded 150 or so songs and then I got the red rings of death. I sent my X-Box in and they sent me a new one. The songs I downloaded before I sent it in won't work unless I'm connected to xbox live. I tried download again. I tried deleting and then re-downloading and I tried listening to the song samples. I've downloaded songs since I got it back and they work fine. Can anyone help?

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Contact microsoft, I think there is a way to get the licence transfered to the new x-box. The old songs are still tied to your old x-box. You can play them on any as long as you are on XBL. But to play them offline they need to be licenced to that X-box.

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You can do the license transfer yourself at or call microsoft and eventually they do it for you

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You need to transfer your licences from your old console to the new one they sent. Check the license transfer process at it's easy and it's fast. I had license transfered from 2 older consoles to a new one without a problem.

One more thing, since you got a replacement from microsoft, they should have done the license transfer themselves before sending the console to you.

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What Microsoft told me to do after I got red ringed was I re-downloaded every song I had, it took time but it worked.

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