• Cheats

    At the main menu, select the "Extras" option. Choose the "Modify Game" selection and then input the following code. All codes disable saving.

    Awesome DetectionYellow, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Orange
    New Venues OnlyRed, Red, Red, Red, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow
    Play the game without a TrackBlue, Blue, Red, Red, Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Blue
    Stage modeBlue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Yellow, Red, Blue, Yellow, Red.
    Unlock all songRed, Yellow, Blue, Red(2), Blue(2), Red, Yellow, Blue
    Venue select - Unlock all venuesBlue, Orange(2), Blue, Yellow, Blue, Orange(2), Blue, Yellow

    Contributed By: xxZeOxx, Escher0, and Inferno999.


  • Unlockable Instruments and Clothes

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bomb BassBeat the impossible bass challenge
    Bone MicrophoneBeat Impossible Marithon 2 Challenge
    Clear Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster HSSJoin the "Rolling Stone Rock Immortals" list
    Clear Fender American Vintage 1962 Precision BassBeat Rock Immortal Setlist in World Tour as bassist
    Clear MicrophoneBeat Rock Immortal Setlist in World Tour as Vocal
    Glowing Drum SetJoin the "Rolling Stone Rock Immortals" list
    Goat Head BassBeat the Impossible Marathon 2 on Bass on any difficulty
    Gold drum setBeat the impossible drum challenge
    Gold Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster HSSBeat the "Impossible Guitar Challenge"
    Gold Microphone+Ultimate Metal OutfitBeat Imposible Vocal Challenge
    Gold MirophoneBeat the impossible vocal challenge
    Silver BassBeat "The Final Band Challenge" on Bass
    Silver DrumsBeat "The Final Band Challenge" on Drums
    Silver GuitarBeat "The Final Band Challenge" on Guitar
    Silver MicrophoneBeat "The Final Band Challenge" on Vocals
    The Goat Head guitarBeat the Impossible Marathon 2 challenge on guitar on any difficulty level.
    Ultimate Goth OutfitBeat the Impossible Drum Challenge
    Ultimate Metal OutfitComplete the Vocals Impossible Challenge on any difficulty
    Ultimate Punk OutfitBeat the Impossible Bass Challenge on any difficulty
    Ultimate Rock OutfitBeat the Impossible Guitar Challenge on any difficulty


  • Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    Along for the Ride (10)Beat an instrument-specific challenge while playing another instrument
    AN-I-MAL!!! (25)Beat the Impossible Drum Challenge
    Band Savior (20)Be a savior three times during a single song
    Beat It! (10)Complete all beats at 60 BPM or higher or half of the beats at 140 BPM or higher
    Buy a Real Instrument Already! (35)Beat an "Impossible" Challenge with all players on Expert Difficulty
    Challenge Master (15)Complete 25 Challenges on Hard Difficulty or 10 Challenges on Expert Difficulty
    Challenge Novice (10)Complete either 25 challenges on Medium, 10 challenges on Hard, or 5 challenges on Expert
    Challenge Savant (25)Complete 25 Challenges on Expert Difficulty
    Clothes to the Edge (20)Buy over $100,000 worth of items from the Rock Shop
    Comeback Kid (15)Defeat the last player that defeated you over Xbox LIVE in either Score Duel or Tug of War.
    East Coast Performer (10)Play a set on the East Coast of North America
    Eastern European Performer (10)Play a set in Eastern Europe
    Fill Legend (20)Complete all fills at 100 BPM or higher or half of the fills at 180 BPM or higher
    Fill Me In (10)Complete all fills at 60 BPM or higher or half of the fills at 140 BPM or higher
    Flawless Drumming (25)Score 100% notes hit as a drummer on Expert
    Flawless Fretwork (25)Score 100% notes hit as a guitarist on Expert
    Flawless Groove (25)Score 100% notes hit as bassist, up-strums only, on Expert
    Flawless Guitar Solo (20)100% a guitar solo on Expert, using only the solo buttons
    Flawless Singing (25)Score a 100% rating as a vocalist on Expert
    God Save the Band (10)Play a set in the United Kingdom
    Gold Artist (30)Finish the Endless Setlist 2 in World Tour on Hard
    Got Wheels (20)Win a Van in World Tour
    Groove Assassin (20)Beat the Impossible Bass Challenge
    Heartland Performer (10)Play a set in Middle America
    Hello Cleveland! (20)Deploy Vocal Overdrive 4 times in a single song
    Jet Setter (20)Win a Jet in World Tour
    Lord of the Strings (25)Beat the Impossible Guitar Challenge
    Million Point Club (25)Earn more than 1,000,000 points in a single song.
    Needs more Umlauts! (10)Make a band logo
    One Million Fans (30)Reach 1 million fans in World Tour
    Open Road (20)Win a Bus in World Tour
    Overdrive Overdose (25)Achieve an 8x Band Multiplier
    Platinum Artist (50)Finish the Endless Setlist 2 in World Tour on Expert
    Road Dog (30)Play in every venue in the world
    Rock Immortal Inductee (20)Join the Rolling Stone Rock Immortals list
    Solid Gold, Baby! (25)Gold Star a song
    Stage Igniters (25)Beat the Impossible Band Challenge
    The Bachman-Turner Award (25)Maintain deployed Overdrive for 90 seconds
    The Beat Goes On (20)Complete all beats at 100 BPM or higher or half of the beats at 180 BPM or higher
    The Bladder of Steel Award (25)Complete the Endless Setlist 2 without pausing or failing.
    The Final Countdown (15)Unlock an Impossible Challenge
    The San Dimas 4th Annual Award (15)Compete in a Battle of the Bands event
    Victory! (15)Defeat a player in either Score Duel or Tug of War.
    Vinyl Artist (20)Finish the Endless Setlist 2 in World Tour on Medium
    Virtuoso (25)Beat the Impossible Vocal Challenge
    West Coast Performer (10)Play a set on the West Coast of North America
    Western Europe Performer (10)Play a set in Western Europe.
    Worldwide Sensation (25)Gain access to every venue in the world
    You Killed the Radio Star (15)Make a music video in World Tour
    You're Hired! (10)Hire a staff member

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