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How do I beat (Baruto Anderusu )?

i need help defeating Baruto Anderusu i get close but then he gets me with doom?

laqarius provided additional details:

Its on chapter nine the last boss the cocoon preist who turns to a falce i get close to deafearing him bu he gets me with doom

laqarius provided additional details:

No its on disc 2 chapter 9 on the ship i beat all the heads and when im about to defeat the main body he cast dooom on me and thats how i lose the battle


Swiftelf answered:

What chapter is this on? and if you can give me the English Name I can look it up in my book feel free to email me at if you need an answer badly.
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wingedsamurai answered:

i went with the stragey provide byKrysta84 its very acurate wat he says to use is lighting snow and hope
"Libra each head once, if you run out of TP you can use Libra Scope.
Then attack the heads on the sides first. If you use an area attack, the head
next to it will be damaged as well. Then when all the heads are done, focus
on the main body. Use COM/MED/RAV against the heads as they each have their
own magical weakness.
COM/MED/SEN with Lightning, Hope and Snow works when you seem to get in
trouble. Hope because his Medic abilities are better, and Snow because his
Sentinel is better than Fangs. It also gives you an ability to use MED/MED/SEN.

"source krysta84 walkthough on
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thePJA answered:

Do you mean on disc 3, chapter 11? when i fought him the first time he never used doom. he uses doom the second time you fight him.
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sh4dowst4lker answered:

I just spammed alot of buffs on my team I used Sazh Lighting and Hope I had haste protect and shell and some other buffs on the squad I took out the heads and what will also help is the doctors code maxed with that when you use a posion intead of 150 HP restored it does 300+. You can go MED/MED/COM to get you out of trouble. Make sure haste sticks with you trust me it helped me big time I still have time to spare. When he charges up his cannons do a job of COM/RAV/COM or all COM and he will do less damage.
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GlassHamster answered:

I may have just been lucky with avoiding Doom, but as to my knowledge he does not cast Doom unless you use your summon ability.

If you are referring to his charged attack (Destruco or something like that) the trick to surviving that is to attack him while he is charging. As soon as he begins to charge it, switch to a set up similar to Com/Rav/Rav, or Com/Com/Rav and just attack him. He will make a grunt and his head will snap back a bit. After this his charged attack will only inflict half damage.

As for general set up, when I defeated him I was using Lightning, Fang and Vanille. Switching between Com/Sen/Rav and Com/Sen/Med to take out the first four heads, then Com/Sen/Med and Com/Com/Rav to deal with the final head.
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xcaptaincanadia answered:

@Swiftelf: His English name is Barthendelus. Laqarius wants to know about the first fight on the Palamecia in Chapter 9

@Glasshamster: The Doom cast is completely random I believe. I keep forgetting about Odin and he used it anyway, even when it was 10 seconds into the battle

As for a strategy, that's why I'm here as well. This guy is just BRUTAL. Even when I do survive Destrudo, I only get him to about half health before he spams Ruinga and kills me. But its funny that the guide doesn't give any reference to the fact that you can nerf his Destrudo attack by wailing on him while he's charging it. I'm gonna try that when I get home.
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FF13Helper answered:

The reason your getting hit with doom is because your over timing the battle. Doom comes at the Target Time of the battle.

The first time you fight him, use Librascope DO NOT WASTE YOUR TP. You will need it later incase you want to summon Odin just incase your "Doomed". Having your characters maxed out to the highest lvl Crystal in the recommended roles helps tremendously too.

1. Have a SEN present at ALL TIMES, except after Destruco hits.
2. Before the battle even starts make the Paragim Hero's Charge. This will help you SO MUCH that its invaluble. (Med/Com/Syn) So your Paragim deck looks like this:
Delta Attack, Mystic Tower, Relentless Assualt/Aggression, Combat Clinic, Hero's Charge, Evened Odds
3. At the beginning of the battle use the Librascope as i stated earlier, and begin debuffing to make the battle just plain easier.
4. After you debuffed him, hopfully having slow on the main body. Start knocking off the heads one by one. Once each head is destroyed the battle becomes that much easier. Just use Delta Attack/Mystic tower combo to raise his Chain gauge. Occasionally healing. Once he is staggered switch to Relentless Assualt or Aggression, depeding which one your perfer, and dish out maximum damage.

5. when he uses Destructo, this is where Hero's Charge is used. When he begins charging, switch to Hero's Charge to keep the chain gauge going while healing your party. Once your party is healed switch to Combat clinic to prepare for the attack. After the attack comes, heal up and hopefully resume on his chain gauge.

Follow this and you should be able to beat him within the Target Time. If not don't fret. Summon Odin if necessary.
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FF13Helper answered:

Forgot to state this, I used Lightning, Fang and Hope as a party.
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gamecheatmaster answered:

If your talking about the boss on the palmicium id have to agree a bit with wingedsamurai but this is what i did... Lightning snow vanelle/hope. open fight with a libra scope so you dont waise tp cause summons can save our life if you have low stats. i went from the left heads (outer then inner) then right heads same as left usinf COM/RAV/MED. I was able to take down 2head with the 3rd 75% dead before he started the aga spells. with only 1 or 2 spels going off it was very easy to kill the last head. when he transforms to the single head he likes ruin and ruinaga. keep COM/RAV.MED till he staggers and his bar is increased a little then go to tireless charge and inflict mass damage on him. he then starts using destructo wihich can really hurt. if your people aren at full health switch to combat clinic till after the attack goes off. high laughter is a joke 2 potions helped me recover. all in all took me 6min to kill him.
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