Question from screwdriver211

How do I beat element turtle?

I have hope and lighting maxed out in everything they can at the moment but I keep dieing


Swiftelf answered:

Well First off Heal yourself! and second cast Libra on him twice at the beginning, than switch between the following Paradigm, Slash and Burn (Commando Lightning and Ravager Hope) to start building your chain, than go Dual Casting (Both Hope and Lightning Ravager) to Stagger the Boss, if you need to heal switch to War and Peace (Commando Lightning and Medic Hope) Once the boss is staggered Shift back to Slash and Burn. Rinse and Repeat. Helps if you have the Symbiosis Paradigm as well everyonce in a while to buff yourself (Medic Lightning and Synergist Hope) If you can't do that than you need to play a different game, I just gave you the most instructions you should ever need.
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Kagelyzer answered:

Aboves answer is the "standard way to beat things" if you cant do that, i doubt you'd have got as far as Element Turtles

there are better ways late in the game tho, Like Med/Med/Sab with Vanille, 2 Healers and Spam Death is probably the best way to "farm" these things, same with the Adamantoise in the Gran Pulse Central Expanse
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rosariocapu2 answered:

beat the game to have crystarium Lv 10
Lightning/Fang/Snow [use Fortisol/Aegsol together before you battle]
summon by having Fang as leader [Sab]
inflicit the turtle with Daze,Imperial,Slow,Deshell,Deprotect then switch to Relentless Assault

Battle Time 1-2 Minutes
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rosariocapu2 answered:

have crystarium Lv10
Fang/Lightning Snow
once the battle starts use Fang's summon while the turtle is down inflcict ailments [Fang-Sab]
after the summon leaves switch to Relentless Assault

Battle Time 1-2 Minutes
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