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How do I beat Cid Raines?

I got to Cid Raines but he keeps kicking my butt. any advice?

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iblufftomuch answered:

I cheated and used a fortisol. with light/snow/sazh I just med/sen/syn until we were all the way boosted, switched to com/rav/com (maybe rav/rav/rav at first to stagger) and just unleashed hell on him. beat him in 2:35, he never even transformed lol.
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sh4dowst4lker answered:

What I did was focus on a jobs that were SEN/MED/MED for when you need the extra healing power other job combos you can use are COM/RAVMED,COM/COM/RAV,SAB/SEN/SYN. Now here is a little tip (cause I did this with no summons and just under 9 min). When you first start the battle off it is pretty easy at first but then he transformes. What you need to focus on is chaining to get him to stagger so he takes alot of damage. The best party to use is Hope for his healing and some support Lighting because she is well balanced and Snow because he deals alot of damage along with Lighting. So if you use healing try to get Snow into a SEN job so that way while healing all damage will be towards Snow while hope heals and Lightning attacks. If you feel brave try for a full frontal assault to quickly get his stagger gauge up with the roles of COM/RAV/COM to keep him in the air while attacking. Now you can also try a support and attack and heal combo to lessing some of the damage. Try that I hope this helps.
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crodon answered:

First I suggest Lightning Snow and Vanille and basically you'll have to guard/heal preferably with MED/SEN/MED whenever he attacks especially after he goes badass (and I mean whenever if you're in the middle of attacking cancel it and switch to defense). When he guards and heals get your chain up once staggered depending on your Lightning's stats I would switch to Tri Disaster once he is staggered also Delta is good if you have Snow up enough to tank that much and alternate until dead. Solidarity is a safer bet to end off with than relentless attack or something similar because he may decide to one hit you when he's almost dead. If you lose you're healer I suggest summoning Odin because dead party members come back after the summon ends.
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GlassHamster answered:

I used Lightning, Fang and Vanille. I used four paradigms during the battle:

Com/Sen/Sab - Use this in the beginning to apply deprotect, deshell and imperil
Com/Com/Rav - Once deshell and deprotect stick switch to this and beat on him for a bit
Com/Sen/Med - Use this to heal, fairly straight forward
Med/Com/Sab - When he transforms (gets his wings) he will buff himself up, and use guard alot. His guard lasts for a while, which is good for this set up. When he switches to guard, have Vanille strip off his buffs, then apply deprotect and deshell again. Since he is guarding you dont need both Light and Fang attacking, so have Light switch to med to heal while Fang hits him just to preserve any chain you have going.

This boss (much like most of the bosses in this game) was quite a challange. But with this set-up I was able to beat him on my second try.
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russdeez answered:

I am not sure how the second answer got the only votes and they were negative, but I followed that plan and it worked like a charm. Buff without damaging Cid, then lay waste to him. I killed him in 2:22. He didn't survive the first stagger and he never transformed. Definitely worth a try if your having trouble, or just want to make sure you 5 star the fight.
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unknowninfo775 answered:

I beat cid first time in 2mins 58 sec with snow,vanille,hope. Before you go into battle put the 2 shrouds on if you have them (fortisol and aegisol) and have your active paradigm as Matador: Sen,Sab,Rav to have vanille cast debuffs. After all the debuffs have been put onto Cid watch for his change in shifts (offensive, defensive and recovery) and plan your attacks acording to his shifts. when he is in defensive mode switch to Relentless assault: Com,Rav,Rav and try and charge his chain gauge as much as possible untill he switches to offensive shift. At that go into Entourage: Sen,Med,Rav and if you have it cast challenge to make cid attack you. When he goes into recovery shift do the same as you would when he is in defensive mode.If you get him staggered fast enough he should be defeated before he has a chance to transform and you should get a 5 star rating.
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OptimusEgg answered:

Whats an easy way to kill ANY boss.

Light, Sazh, and Hope.







THats pretty much all I did when I fought Fal'ce barthandeus(i don't know how to spell it), piece of pie. I never had anyone KO'd, and didn't really do too much, besides switch phases every now and then. Its easy.

MED's heal, SYN's give status bonuses. Hope does defensive, Sazh does offense. Light then either heals, or Hope does, and then either Light or Sazh does commando.
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tom120percent answered:

I Beat This guy in about 2:30 just with a simple tactic
started the battle COM/SYN/SEN
soon as we were buffed switched to MED/MED/SEN to heal
The straight to RAV/RAV/COM
to stagger him then timed my attacks so that fang hit him in the air and as soon as she finnished her attack light started to attack and just kept him in the air and beat him before he managed to hit the floor
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Etherial_King answered:

Use your Fortisol and the stat boosting items and make sure you use Saboteur class and Synergist class.
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skeith2020 answered:

hmm well some of those sound good but i used Lightning, Fang, and Vanille and what i did was COM/SEN/MED and the switched back and forth between that and RAV/COM/RAV
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inferno719 answered:

This game is unusual in that you actually HAVE to grind to level up every now and then. If you haven't been doing that at all, do some now.
Also, enter battle with the Fortisol and the other one and start out with max buffed party =P it'll get you a nice boost, if you don't kill him outright.
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Darkflame2222 answered:

Well, I used Lightning, Sazh, and Hope. while I wanted to use either Fang or Snow, I felt that the extra protection of Haste, bravery, faith, and vigilance from Sazh and Hope's Protect & Shell were very needed, and once every character had as much on them ( using MED / SYN / SYN)
I turned offensive, usually using COM / RAV / RAV, and switching to COM / RAV / MED or MED / SYN / MED when needed. Just switch Paradigms using these and make sure you're getting the most out of your Crystarium (don't focus too much on having your characters learn new roles just yet, it takes too long), Other than that you should just focus on staggering him, and you'll have no problem winning. I did it in about 3-4 minutes on my second try. (I found out how to get totally slaughtered by him the hard way, and not living to see the battle through for even 2 minutes)
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lolmiester answered:

Go back and train simple 1000 cp + every battle.
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DaHope33 answered:

The party to use is Sazh/Lightning/Hope..........start the battle in relentless assault.....after one turn.....switch to tri-disaster and boost the chain gauge........once staggered.........swithch to aggression........sazh commando....lightning commando.......hope ravager......and blitz like crazy with sazh.......doing this i killed him in like 2 minutes........also have syn/rav/med as a paradigm in case u need to heal......other than that....u shuld have n problem
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