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How do you beat bryndhlir( or whatever) Sazh's eidolon?

I cant beat all

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@ darkm0d
I realize that bro, thanks for the help o_0

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mikelauj93 answered:

here's what I did....I made Vanille learn Blizzard in the Ravager role....Made Sazh learn Bravery,Haste,and Enfrost in the Synergist role....equip Sazh with the Doctor's Code accesory...and made some customized Paradigms which are:
1. Commando(Sazh),Ravager(Vanille)
2. Synergist(Sazh),Saboteur(Vanille)

here are the steps I used during battle:
1. Start off with Sazh in Synergist using Haste on both Vanille and Sazh
2. Then Enfrost and Bravery on ONLY Sazh because it'd waste too much time using it on Vanille too because of the doom clock
3. Do not go into any Medic Paradigms
4. Just use Potions with Sazh equipped with the Doctor's Code...should heal you enough
5. So pretty much stay in Commando and Ravager Paradigm
6. And also use Libra on the boss as it points out the Ice weakness which makes Vanille use only Blizzard to hit it
7. And repeat potions when low on health then pound away at him with Blizzard(Vanille) and with Enfrost on Sazh
8. Once Haste wears off hurry and use it again as it really helps

well thats pretty much all I did...hope this helps
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darkm0d answered:

There is no beating, you have to prove your worth by (iirc) buffing your party, or debuffing him.
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chIorophylI answered:

this eidolon's gestalt increases when you chain combos and use positive buffs on teammates. make sazh a synergist and vanille a medic until the two are buffed out (i'd recommend vigilance and haste), then, switch to sazh as a commando and vanille as a ravenger, then, make both ravengers to keep that chain going. switch back to the synergist/medic combo when your health gets too low. C:
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stranger094 answered:

I used slash and burn and kept switching between others such as ying and yang, war and peaceand dualcaster, and by doing this you get a lot of chain bonuses quickly and the best way to fill up the gesalt guage quickly is to use thunder alot, don't use libre because it wastes time and Vanielle will only use blizzard, which is rubbish.
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