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How do I beat (TonBerry)?

Ok, well i'm on the missions on gran pulse, the stone things and can't seem to beat the Tonberry, any help? Like can you use death and insta kill-him? because i always get him down good enough for him to heal back, then his attacks like triple on me? and my life is
6k with light and still not doing good so please some help.

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aneroph answered:

I just managed to beat the set of 3 Tonberries. They are weak to earth based attacks and Hecatoncheir uses quake, so I set Vanille as my main char. The other 2 really don't matter, but make sure one of them is a really good Sentinel. I used a can of deceptisol to get the preemptive strike, then I immediately used the technique 'quake'. This sent them all into stagger mode. I then immediately summoned Hecaton. Watch the stagger gauge carefully. Send him into gestalt mode with about 3/4 stagger gauge still left. Blast the Tonberries quickly, and again watch the stagger gauge carefully. When they are almost out of stagger mode use the final gestalt attack. This should whipe out at least 2 if not all 3 Tonberries.

Aside from this strategy you really just have to debuff him completely and attack like crazy. Haste really helps as well. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don't.
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Thomiroth answered:

You know, I just paused my game to come post this exact same question. I'm doing the Titan Trials (Missions 35-51) and mission 41 is 3x Tonberry. The only way I've been able to kill even one off is by getting a Random: Instant Chain to happen. After that, I can't seem to get a second Instant Chain.
Hopefully that helps you beat one. Anyone got tips on three? xD (Epic thread jack)
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Thomiroth answered:

Okay, trial and error was fun. Try racking up some damage for a bit and then using your Summon, using the Gestalt and finisher move, and then blasting the green pest with a surge of all-out attack. Hopefully that will be enough of a damage spike before it can heal itself. Since it's a cutscene battle start, you can't Preemptive Strike it sadly, or else you could have it dead before it hit the ground.
Beat the trio of Tonberrys using both suggestions. Preemptive attacked them with Com/Com/Com and let my team get 1 attack out (not one string of attacks, just one attack), and then summoned. I'll admit I did get a lucky Instant Chain to finish off the 2nd one, but the first one was down while I was charging the Gestalt meter, and the third one was overwhelmed with the all-out attack because its chain gauge had been racked up considerably.
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FF13Helper answered:

With 6k HP you wont really be able to beat Tonberry effectivly. I suggest you train your characters some more and come back to fight it. because if you can't get a pre-emptive strike and with Grudging look, he will kill 1 party member instantly. Especially since he heals himself at about 50% HP, resets the chain gauge, and deals Damage to you. But if your persistant then try this:

1. Have the Instant Chain synthesised ability for at least Lightning. (Auroa Scarf, Sprint Shoes, Speed and Energy Sash)
2. Keep him debuffed, at least have slow, deprotect/deshell on him at all times.
3. Have a SEN present most of the time to take the damage. Lvl4 minimum.
4. Once he is debuffed use (Com/Sen/Rav) / (Rav/Sen/Rav) to bring up his chain gauge. If you have it, use Army of One ability for Lightning. Use (Med/Sen/Med) or (Com/Sen/Med) for healing. Make sure to keep him debuffed, it will make the battle much, much easier.

If you follow this you should be able to beat Tonberry. My team was Lightning/Fang/Hope
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gamecheatmaster answered:

i had just finished the mission Thomiroth was on if u got a deceptisol use that and 1 of any scroud u have get a preemptive attack. my party was Lightning(lead) fang hope. i started with hope casting haste then u went in killed 2 off with stagger took bout 30sec last one took about 2min to kill max health was 6.5k

Relentless attack: evened odds: agression is what i used
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silverkhalsa1 answered:

attack attack attack !!!! Start with




the quicker you stagger him, the quicker you will kill him,

or he will kill you ...................
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silverkhalsa1 answered:

i need to fight those three tonberries, and just wana say to aneroph above, that sounds like an AWESOME strategy, cant wait to try it out ! :)

out of curiosity, if you do read this message, what stats you at, hp etc when you went to fight them ??
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Celldrax answered:

I did something similar to aneroph, although I had Lightning, hope and Fang (Lightning as the leader) and immediately used summon at the start of the battle and attacked with lightning (make sure she's in the Commando role) with a * level Enkindler, including the +30 recharge rate (btw, deceptisol helps this strategy tremendously) and as soon as the Eidolon's meter was about to run out, I wen't into gestalt mode and went for an all out attack. And with that, you can be pretty much certain that this will kill one of them and get one of the others health bars down pretty low. And after that, just allow your sabotour to cast a few debuffs on them (hopefully it won't use deep seated grudge) while at the same time putting a few buffs on your party (whatever you do, don't worry about maxing out your buffs......against a couple of Tonberry's, it's just wasting time) and you should well and truly be able to finish the second one off with relentless assault. And then there's the last one. Same strategy......which can also be applied to fighting against the single Tonberry. A few buffs and debuffs combined with relentless assault.
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runtheplacered answered:

I can't believe nobody has mentioned this. Do whatever you want to kill the tonberry.. just remember that Daze = win. make your Saboteur the party leader and the rest is cake.
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