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Asked: 4 years ago

When can I recieve lionheart?

I checked a map and it showed me that I needed to complete Ch.11 and go to CH.12 to find it in a treasure chest. Is there a place or shop to buy it before CH.12 ?

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The earliest you can get it is Chapter 12. The shops won't stock it until you either find it or complete the chapter.

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At the beginning of chapter 12 the stores recieve it but it's 28,000 and you can walk like 20 steps and get it cuz it's in a chest pretty close to you

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At the beginning of Chapter 12 In Eden or If you missed that chance you can buy it in the shop for 28,000

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You can't get it BEFORE chapter 12 but you can get it at the BEGINNING of the chapter in EDEN.
If you missed that chance it will be available in the shop.

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Lionheart can be found in the beginning of chapter 12 after your second fight with barthandelus and you get on the ship. When you come to the area with 2 of the mithridate things and the orion guy it should be right behind you against a wall.

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