Question from Hawnk54

How do I beat Gigantuar?

Here is the strategy that I have been using:

Sazh, Fang, Lightning, all above 10k health and with pain resist (fang has fog resist so she can daze).

I use both buff shrouds before battle. My default paradym is med/sab/med, and I immediatly use libra so that fang will daze him. After the daze goes off I switch to syn/sab/med, heal to full, buff everyone with Enfire (his weakness), switch to com/com/com, and spend 5 ATB bars attacking him. I then immediatly switch back to med/sab/med to get another daze, reheal, rebuff, etc. When I get in trouble, I summon the Eidelon for free damage and instant rez/heal on the whole party.
I am using anti-fog on fang to make sure she can daze. The main problem I am having is that the success rate of daze is just terrible. I have gotten him down to about 30% using this strategy, at which point fang became fogged and he then immediatly used 10k needles on sazh twice, killing him and ending the fight.

I don't know what else to do.

Hawnk54 provided additional details:

I just set a new personal record... 30 uses of daze without one working.

Accepted Answer

Sins_of_zero answered:

i had a tough time beating this one too, and actually didn't come back to it till the only other mission i had left was the last one. idk how i managed to pull it off, i was doing it the lucky break way, but it never proc'd. i had snow as a sentinel at all times. cause of his high HP and mediguard for the HoT. while i had fang and light (com/rav) hacking at it, it eventually died. but man it was aggravating.

try it the lucky break way, its really random, but not impossible.
equip, a speed sash and energy sash. to get the random stagger. passive ability
hope it helps
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