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How do I beat the last boss on disk 2??

How do I beat him?? I have tried everything who and what skills,armor, and weapons should I have??

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I do fine in battle but when the Doom thing starts He still has way too much health to knock down.

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Marubi99 answered:

I Used Lightning, Snow and Hope
My Paradigms Were: Diversity (RAV, COM, MED)
Combat Clinic (MED, SEN, MED)
Aggression (COM, COM, RAV)
Tri-Disaster (RAV, RAV, RAV)
My Weapons were: Light - Axis Blade
Snow - Umbra
Hope - Hawkeye
Use Diversity A Lot To Have Hope Heal While You Kill The Boss
But First Use Aggression So You and Hope Can Use Attacks on 1 Armor Piece While Snow Starts Hitting another, When All 4 Are Down Switch To Diversity.
When Your Health is Really Low Switch To Combat Clinic.
This Strategy Was Effective. I Ended Up Beating it in about 12 Minutes.
But if he uses doom on you (He uses it when it takes 20 minutes or longer) Attack Him With Tri-Disaster Until He's Staggered And Switch To Aggression.
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PowercalledIam answered:

Go in with Light (who you have to have as your leader), Fang, and Hope. Give everyone as much general defense as you have. Weapons shouldn't really matter, just don't try anything fancy with Paper Tiger or Staggerlock or anything like that. Start the battle by using a Librascope.

Rav/Com/Syn until your party has Protect and Shell. If you want a few extra buffs, go for it. Don't forget to reapply when they run out.
Rav/Com/Rav to stagger and destroy each of the side pieces.
Com/Sab/Rav to debuff the main section once it's alone
Switch back to Rav/Com/Rav to stagger it.
Com/Com/Rav to damage it once it's staggered.
Rav/Com/Med to heal.
Med/Sen/Med to heal a lot.

You can also use Sazh and Vanille instead of Fang and Hope. The strategy stays basically the same. Sazh buffs, Vanille heals/debuffs. You can set up a Rav/Rav/Rav paradigm to stagger the pieces a bit more quickly. This is a higher-risk setup because you're down a Sentinel and Sazh (I think) only has offensive buffs at this point.
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vegamineral answered:

Disk 2?????
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