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Asked: 4 years ago

How many discs is the 360 version?

How many discs is the 360 version?

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From: timo21 4 years ago

3 Disks

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Jep, 3 disks

Stacked on to eachother D:<

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3 disks, and I don't see why anyone would care how many.

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People care how many because this game was created using an engine designed for the PS3. It is a rather large game (about 34 gigs to be exact). That's nothing for a Blu-ray to handle. But since the 360 uses DVDs, it becomes a problem. When a game is ported over from the PS3 to the 360, they have to condense the file size to fit on the DVD - the more DVDs used, the closer to the original port it will be. Since you are only getting about 6.8 gigs of space out of a DVD (after copyrighting software), that's 20.4 gigs of space to handle 34 gigs of data. So, the more discs, the better. Using less discs is going to result in a less than adequate resolution on the final product. That is what plagues the 360 version of this game. They crammed so much into only discs, the resolution has been compromised from 1024x720 (720p HD) to only 1024x576..which means the 360 port of Final Fantasy doesn't even run in high-def..

But, long story short.. 3 discs.

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There is 3 discs.

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